“Black Eye 1 is obviously an intensely personal, idiosyncratic publication that feels wildly uneven to anyone who doesn't share the editor's precise sense of aesthetics. Sean Collins' review in The Comics Journal criticized it for being a humor publication that lacked many laughs. While that's true to an extent, there's nothing on the cover that says "humor"; indeed, the images suggest something more akin to underground comics. Producing laffs isn't so much the point here as it is to unsettle, disquiet and provoke readers. The uncompromising expression of his (Standfest's) aesthetic is what makes this book such a powerful experience, even if it is frustrating at times. I look forward to a second volume.” —Rob Clough, High-Low

“For an anthology of scabrous sick humor, Ryan Standfest’s BLACK EYE 1 sure is tastefully designed. The cover and paper stock are creamy and pleasant to the touch, an ideal platform for the black and white, graytone, or pencil-shaded art of the contributors. Its introduction, table of contents, and prose contributions come in an array of exquisitely curated typefaces from the mid-20th century. A triumvirate of top comics critics contribute essays — Bob Levin on Phoebe Zeit-Geist, Jeet Heer on S. Clay Wilson, and Ken Parille on Steve Ditko — of the sort that would animate the altcomix cocktail-party circuit, were there such a thing. Of all the publications to be seized by overzealous Canadian customs officers on guard against American Obscenity recently, this one here’s surely the most classiest.” —Sean T. Collins, The Comics Journal

"It has a good feel."  —David Lynch on BLACK EYE 1

“What Standfest has created here is nothing short of a miracle. A perfect blend of old and new, horror and humor, gross and gorgeous - BLACK EYE 1 is a like a modern EC humor/horror publication. If I had the money, I'd buy all of these up and keep them all for myself. One of my favorite books this year.” —Benn Ray, Atomic Books

BLACK EYE 1 is a remarkably well-curated and lovingly packaged book by editor Ryan Standfest, featuring a host of top notch cartoonists including some MOME regulars including Al Columbia, Olivier Schrawuen, Robert Goodin, Lilli Carré, and many others.” —Eric Reynolds, Fantagraphics