Hello All,

2016 was a good year for Rotland Press with many new projects produced. It was also a time to think about how the press will evolve moving into 2017. Having started with the simple mandate of showcasing "black humor," the press must now become a place of thoughtful and targeted satire and humor. Now more than ever. I am a devout believer in the capability of humor to act as the sharpest of knives, cutting deeply through hypocrisy. In the digital "post object" "post print" era, I also believe strongly in the role of print to reassert notions of truth into a social dialogue in a manner that can get lost in the ephemerality of digital social media. The printed object can linger around much longer. It can sit out in the room for all to see and touch and pick up and converse over. It has staying power beyond the timespan of a click.

I am sending YOU this message because I would like to recruit a dedicated group of writers and artists, thinkers and makers, humorists and troublemakers to participate in a new magazine that Rotland Press is launching: "AMERICAN FLY TRAP." This will be a new vehicle for satire by Americans about America: its socio-political landscape. It will be a publication of ideas: building-up some and taking apart others. Its aim will be to confront a moment, not by attacking the specific, but rather by dismantling a larger framework.

This should be done with a full dose critical humor.

Each issue will have a thematic focus. Issue No. 1 is the "POST-TRUTH" issue. I am accepting submissions for proposals, for one to two pages that tackle the notion that we are now living in a "post-truth era." What, you might ask, is "post-truth?" As an act of editorial laziness, let me please direct you to the following Wikipedia entry on "post-truth politics." Peruse it. It will be well worth your while:

I am also soliciting a cover artist. The idea for each issue's cover is simple: interpret the notion of "an American Fly Trap" as if relates to the issue's theme. 

There will also be an insert in the center of each issue. A kind of mini publication. For the first issue, I will be editing a detachable satirical pamphlet titled " WHY I WANT TO FUCK DONALD TRUMP." It is meant to be a riff on notions of celebrity stagecraft, image-making and a certain American obsession with the "masculine strongman." It is to be inspired by a text authored by J.G. Ballard, titled "Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan," a highly-conceptual piece exploring the "psycho-sexual appeal" of Reagan. It was included within Ballard's "The Atrocity Exhibition" and later reprinted as a pamphlet and distributed at the 1980 Republican National Convention in Detroit, where Reagan was nominated for President. Info about it here:

For those interested in any and all of this, please begin crafting ideas to send to Rotland Press. The submissions should not be finished material, but sketches of proposed ideas. Once I edit together a strong group of contributors, I will relay final specs for the magazine, and the pieces can be crafted in their final, printable versions. This is a process meant to save some time and effort for all concerned.

The guts of the magazine will be black and white. 

Deadline for proposal submissions: March 1.

Send to:

PLEASE SHARE this with any artists or writers you think would like to participate.

My sincere thanks for your consideration and interest.

YOUrs in haste and respect,

Ryan Standfest | Editor + Publisher, Rotland Press