} FOLLOWING the successful Spring 2017 launch of the new Rotland Press series AMERICAN FLY TRAP, here now is an open invitation to recruit more writers and artists, thinkers and makers, humorists and troublemakers to participate in the second and third installments of this satirical review that tackles the current socio-political landscape issue by issue. A publication of ideas, AMERICAN FLY TRAP is intended to confront a moment, not by attacking the specific, but rather by dismantling a larger long-term framework with a strong, targeted dose of critical humor. AMERICAN FLY TRAP is a space for blunt and forthright conversations to unfold.

} ISSUE No. 2 is the  "GUN ISSUE." I am now accepting submissions for one to two pages that tackle American gun culture and gun violence. Consider the causes, the effects, or the general habits and lifestyle indicative of gun ownership in America.

} ISSUE No. 3 is the "RACE ISSUE." I am now accepting submissions for one to two pages that consider and confront the state of race relations in the United States. Where does American society stand in either eradicating or furthering racial division? What conversations are taking place and what conversations are not?

} I am also soliciting two cover artists for each issue. The AMERICAN FLY TRAP cover has a standard format, with a banner and decorative spine element consistently employed. Color art is needed for the font and back covers, to fit within this formatting (please see the sample images for issue no. 1, in the bookshop on the Rotland Press site: http://rotlandpress.com/store-1/).

} These two issues will be released concurrently in December of 2017.

} For those interested in contributing, please send your proposals to Rotland Press. The submissions should not be finished material, but sketches of proposed ideas. After a proposal is accepted, work can be crafted in its final, printable state. This is a process meant to save some time and effort for all concerned.

} Specifications:

- All cover art must be in color. All final cover art files need to be sent in CMYK at 400 DPI as a TIF or PDF.

- All contributions to the interior of the issue must be in black and white only. All final files need to be in greyscale at 350 DPI as a TIF or PDF. Text as a Word document only.

- The publication will measure 5.25 x 8 inches and will be saddle stitched.

- Pages need a 1/8" (.125") bleed if your images extend to the trim of the page.

- Keep your information 1/4" away from the trimmed edge, if you do not want a bleed.

- If you are creating a text-only piece, do not bother designing your own page. The text will be presented within the established design standards of the magazine.

- Deadline for proposal submissions: October 1, 2017.

- Deadline for completed work: November 1, 2017.

- Send to: ryan.standfest@gmail.com

} PLEASE SHARE this with any artists or writers you think would like to participate by linking to this open call page.

My sincere thanks for your consideration and interest.

Yrs in haste and respect,
Ryan Standfest | Editor + Publisher, Rotland Press


-open call for submissions-